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LOVE for Therapeutic Riding Horses

It takes a very special horse to be included in our therapeutic horseback riding program.

All horses in our program have been carefully screened by our PATH Intl. Instructors before they were accepted. There are many qualities we require in the horses for our program. They must be well trained for riding, English. They must have a calm and accepting disposition and be patient, yet attentive. Our horses must accept a variety of stimuli that are not "normal" for many horses in their daily lives. We also require that they be sound and healthy.

Horse named Chance


Chance's registered name is Hollywood's Movie Star. He is a Spotted Saddle Horse, foal date April 1, 2005. That makes Chance how old?

You cannot see all of his markings in the picture but his color is Bay/White/Tobiano. He has a star, strip and snip black spotting at snip, white mane, and black and white tail. He has the willingness to please and is willing to try anything, we just have to let him think it through first; he wants to please everyone he meets. He is a young horse and most important for him is to stand still and wait for the signal to move.

Read our Horse Facts page and find out more about a Tobiano.

Horse named Puffum

Puffum - Now in heaven

Puffum is a Gelding, Breed is Walsh pony, age 15, hands 13.2, weight 700 lb.
He can be ridden either Western or English. He has a nice trot easy to post or sit. His color is chocolate with dapples.

Purchased by Denise Bishop, May 29, 2014, came from Elgin, SC.

Puffum has passed away October 21, 2018.

Pony named Albert

Albert - Now in heaven

This black pony is Albert. He is 12.2 hands tall and weighs approximately 750 pounds, 20 years old, and is a gelding.

Albert's coloration is black, but when you look at him he has shades of brown this is caused by the sun. When you move his forelock white hairs are showing. This is caused by aging. Albert came from Massachusetts. He has been a lesson horse for these last eight years. His short stature is beneficial to several of our young riders.

Albert has passed away May 25, 2014. He has been volunteer equine since January 2011.

We will surely miss him as the pony he was.

What he has done to Horse leaders, side walkers and mostly what he gave to the children that has ridden him. He now belongs to our Lord.

Horse named Frogmore

Frogmore - Now in heaven

This handsome thoroughbred-quarter horse cross gelding was named Frogmore. He was 15.1 hands tall and weighed approximately 960 pounds. Frogmore's coloration, brown body with black mane, tail and legs, made him a bay. He was 27 years old.

He had been a volunteer equine since 2002 to the summer of 2012. WOW, over 10 years. He loved to greet everyone with nickers when sessions were going on. His heart was for the program, but his body was not as young as it was. He was loved by all. He was owned and loved by Denise Bishop. Now he is in Heaven with our Lord.

Please read what other people said about Frogmore. Get your Kleenex out! We will not forget you old guy, you are loved by many whom you have touched during your life here on earth.

  • Have a horse you are interested in donating?
    We would love to talk with you. Here is Information about Donating a Horse
  • Think about sponsoring a horse:
    Individuals or groups may also sponsor the care of a specific horse, or make a general donation to our program for horse care. Your dollars will help us support the care, feeding and medical needs of the horses that are the core of this program. A donation of $3,500 will provide food, bedding, vet and farrier (horse shoe) care. For an annual donation of $3,500, the sponsor's name will appear under the horses photo on our website, and the sponsor will be invited to special events through the year to see their horse.
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