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LOVE for Therapeutic Riding Programs

Rider going through streamers on trail therapeutic riding instructors
LOVE for Therapeutic Riding is providing a unique approach to physical therapy, emotional therapy, and recreational therapy for both children and adults with special needs, presently serving people with mental disabilities and/or physical disabilities.

Each rider is reviewed before acceptance into the LOVE for Therapeutic Riding equestrian program for medical releases and program's ability to provide a safe equestrian experience for the rider. A session review is held by our certified instructors on each rider as to their progress and if any changes are needed to their present goals.


This program is a 30 minute lesson in which the participant is positioned on the horse to relax tight muscles, increase range of motion, and improve stability and balance. This recreational therapeutic riding program focuses on learning and physical exercise, using the horse for rhythm, motion and motivation.

Participants will be learning riding skills and horsemanship and other activities. They are gaining tremendous physical and emotional benefit from being on a horse.

Rider on trail The mounted segment of the lesson challenges the rider in balance, coordination, motor skills, body awareness, strength, flexibility, teamwork, socialization and self-esteem.

Psychological benefits include increased independence, motivation and self-control. Depending on the level of riding they will work on competition when available.

We focus mainly on riding skills, but some ground work lessons are necessary. Not only is this where the rider experiences responsibility and discipline, but also the satisfaction that comes with caring for another living being.

Rider and horse

Grooming and Tacking address the following developmental areas: fine and gross motor skills, spatial awareness, vocabulary, motor planning, sequencing, memory, endurance, attention span, hand/eye coordination, bilateral involvement, balance, crossing midline and muscle strengthening.

Each lesson is facilitated by a certified PATH Int'l instructor. Whenever possible, we encourage input from the client's licensed therapist to maximize the benefit of individual lesson plans.

  • Think about sponsoring a rider:
    Individuals or groups can sponsor a specific student or make a general donation to our Rider's Scholarship fund. A donation of $1,000 will sponsor one student for the year. When you adopt a rider, you are helping him or her grow stronger in his or her skills.

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