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LOVE for Therapeutic Riding Testimonials

View "Love for Therapeutic Riding - Making a Difference" - By Elizabeth Bishop Later

"It is heartwarming and so rewarding to work with these special children and help them achieve success. Most are unable to participate in organized sports, but when they can mount a horse and learn the basics of controlling 'their horse' it is truly amazing. They feel like 'king of the world'. The instructors cautiously and carefully train these riders to achieve great things. Horse leaders and side walkers are totally atuned to keeping them safe and it is a joyful experience for everyone involved in this endeavor.LOVE for Therapeutic Riding enriches all our lives."

--- Patti Walker, Day Coordinator and Vice President

"Abigail is a ten year old girl with Down’s syndrome. Abigail has also been diagnosed with slight autism. She is very bright but does not engage in conversations. Abigail’s favorite activities are reading, swimming and horseback riding.

Therapeutic Riding has provided Abigail with a therapy that indirectly teaches her to listen, follow directions and care for others. Abigail follows instructions while she rides her horse. She participates in activities that require her to speak and move while in her saddle and at the same time learns the proper way handle the horse. Abigail loves to ride and when you ask her to get ready to go riding, she does so willingly. The volunteers and instructors for LOVE are wonderful warm hearted individuals who give their time to helping children like Abigail have a chance at doing something they more than likely would be denied if such programs were unavailable to their parents. The children do not go on a mere pony ride, they are taught how to ride and care for a horse. Once they complete the program, there is the possibility that the student may continue riding on their own. This is our wish for Abigail, and LOVE is making possible."

--- Sincerely Norma Schulze Proud Mom

"My son Ryan Molzer has been horseback riding now for approximately five years. The smile that it puts on his face is priceless. Ryan gets so much joy and pleasure from horseback riding. Over the years it has made a huge impact on his life as an autistic child. Riding is something that Ryan looks forward to each and every week. It has improved so many of his skills in ways that most parents of a typical child take for granted. Ryan shows confidence in himself that nothing else he does matters except for when he is atop of Frogmore (his horse) it stands-out. He has much improvement in his balance, self-esteem, pride, following directions, and listening. Riding is a big part of Ryan's life.

Giving a simple "Thank You" will never be enough to all of the people that have worked so hard with Ryan over the years. Their selflessness, time and efforts that the volunteers give of themselves hopefully will someday be rewarded in other ways than just the smile that is given by my son to them each week."

--- Thank you Joann Molzer

"My son Jason has Angel Man's Syndrome. He has been involved with therapeutic riding for about 6 years with Denise Bishop. We were initially involved with Heroes on Horseback and now LOVE for Therapeutic Riding.

There are no words really to describe how it feels to have Jason involved in therapeutic horseback riding. I just know in my heart that Denise and Rudy and all the volunteers are teachers sent by God. It blesses my heart to see Jason sit tall and always have a smile for me and all to see. Jason is so happy when he is on the horse he rides, named Frogmore. Jason has scoliosis but sits up strong and so proud as to say "look at me now"."

--- Nancy Parrish, Parental Liaison

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